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Cat stows divided on Oban to Barra packet – BBC News – BBC.com

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Image copyright Moira Kerr Image caption Luna was reunited with her owners Sandra Graham in Oban on Friday [ ... ]
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City considers cat maze – The Spokesman

In a still Coeur d’Alene area in a residence with a yard, a garden and flower beds, birdsong pipes from a shade trees that line a travel like a highway where Howard Kuhns considers cats. Kuhns, willow gaunt with an easy laugh, pronounced cats defecate in his flower beds and a garden where his mother works. They aren’t his cats. He doesn’t know who keeps a 4 or 5 cats that visit his yard, though their feces creates upsetting an differently pacific knowledge like gardening. “They poop in a flower bed, they poop in a garden,” he said. “My mother goes out to puncture [ ... ]
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It’s substantially fine to let your pets nap in your bed, argues Aussie psychologist

This winter it’s expected your typically aloof cat has slunk adult subsequent to we during night to take your physique heat, or you’ve invited your dog underneath a blankets to be your prohibited H2O bottle — though it’s only as expected you’re queasy by a suspicion of pity a bed with your pets. The doubt of either we should nap alongside your cat or dog divides households and civilisations, and a new paper gives ammunition to a “pro” side. Dr Bradley Smith, a Central Queensland University clergyman who specialises in dog cognition, argues in a biography Human Nature that sleeping tighten to [ ... ]
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The problem with fat cats (and dogs) – Quad

Did we hear a one about a dog that ate so most she upheld out underneath a table? Or a terrier so fat he harm himself jumping off a bed? It happened. And it’s no joke. Pet plumpness has risen to widespread proportions in this country, call alarms among veterinary experts who contend pet owners contingency cgange their animals’ function — and their own. Pet plumpness continues to swell upward, says Dr. Ernie Ward Jr., owner of a Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, that estimates, in 2016, 54 percent of U.S. dogs and 59 percent of cats were overweight or obese. Across America, many [ ... ]
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They’re cat it again! Owners take to Snapchat to exhibit what their really mischievous moggies get adult to when nobody’s …

Imgur user has common collection of owners’ funniest pictures One crafty kitten can hook upside down from enclosure like Spiderman A moggy attempted to adopt mouse-catching hermit by bringing home leaves Kitten rhythmical a soaking appurtenance while favourite sweeping was spinning By Siofra Brennan For Mailonline Published: 10:51 BST, 25 Jun 2017 | Updated: 12:51 BST, 25 Jun 2017 [ ... ]
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Passing of a dear pet is never easy

[ ... ]
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FOTAS: Surgically-saved preserve cats move fun to their new families

In final week’s column, Dr. Lisa Levy, a Aiken County Animal Shelter’s veterinarian, wrote about saving 3 cats that were brought in with ongoing conditions. But after these special felines were saved by severe surgeries, what happened to them? Here is how 3 cats – Rose, Stump and Aimee – kick a contingency and found amatory perpetually homes. These unusual animals are not customarily recuperating from their dark, unpleasant pasts though are also creation a certain disproportion in their adopters’ lives. Rose, who had to have puncture medicine to mislay her putrescent uterus, is propitious to be alive. But now entirely recovered, [ ... ]
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Stocks Open Tightly Mixed; This Bank Leads Dow, Cat Downgraded

Stocks were firmly churned in a still start Friday, as a vital indexes fought to urge their disproportionate gains for a week. The Dow Jones industrial normal non-stop to teenager losses, down 0.1% in early action.  The Nasdaq and SP 500 traded flat, or with really slim gains. The Nasdaq launched into Friday’s event adult 1.4% so distant for a week, while a SP 500 and a Dow industrials were any adult reduction than 0.1%.  But while a Dow and SP 500 are any only a fragment off new high ground, a Nasdaq stays roughly 2% next a Jun 9 high. JPMorgan Gets [ ... ]
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Where’s Cat and Rio? Making (stagecoach) tracks

By Catherine Schultz Special to The Courier-Tribune Editor’s note: Rio, a Morgan horse, and Catherine Schultz, a.k.a. Cat, are on their approach to their new home in Asheboro. Cat, a late schoolteacher, is pity their daily adventures in a 2,000-mile tour from Grand Junction, Colo. So how distant did they get today? Follow along and see. Today was easier for Rio in his float and he is usurpation a opposite instruction than behind home. He likes socializing with other horses along a approach and carrying people rush all over him. Somehow he scraped his face in dual places today, though we have [ ... ]
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Poll: Should a pet nap in your bed with you?

CAT DNA FOUND during an archaeological puncture in Egypt has suggested some-more about a ancient Egyptians’ adore event with their moggies. Egyptians were a initial to train cats – that looked flattering most like a pet cats of currently solely that they were expected to have stripes on their fur, not speckled patches. (That usually came in a Middle Ages.) Some 10,000 years later, a cat and a dog are quite renouned residence pets. But do we go so distant as to leave a domicile pet nap in or on your bed? Poll Results:
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