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Gail Ventzke, owners and executive of Cat’s Cradle Animal Rescue, Fargo.

Gail has been a bustling cat lover.  She discovered a masculine feline, they now call “Bullet.” He was found shot, ‘clean through’ in farming Frazee, Minnesota. 

Sorry.  A yucky design indeed.  Gail severely doubts it is an “accidental shooting.”  Bullet, is apparently someone’s pet, left behind from a move, or sneaked out while a owners wasn’t looking.  (We know how that can go.)

That’s troubling…if true.   Really?  A cat gets out, or left behind and a locals make competition out of terrorizing a “pet.”  Big, tough guys we bet.  And, to make matters worse, it sounds like that’s only OK.  Ms. Venske says that there are reports that if people in certain farming lake’s areas news a cat problem to authorities they are told to only “shoot ’em.”

That’s troubling…if true.  

As we pronounced on KFGO today, in my mind, a cat pooping in someone’s flower bed isn’t estimable of a genocide penalty.  We all should have some-more honour for life.  Even cats.  I know.  Bleeding heart. 

Bullet has seen a vet, is staying overnight, and will substantially make it.

Bullet looks a small freaked out here, after a medicine described in a podcast.  Please listen and share.  

Cat’s Cradle is covering a cost of this rescue.  

We can all assistance here. 


ack Sunday Amy Iler are talk-show hosts during 790 AM KFGO in Fargo-Moorhead. “It Takes 2 with Jack Amy” can be listened weekdays 11am-2pm. Follow Amy on Twitter @AmyKFGO. Follow Jack on Twitter @nodakjack.) 

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