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Ambler’s Laura Kicey organizes cat-themed eventuality in Philly – Kittydelphia

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Philadelphia Ambler might be home to a ever-popular “Dog Days of Summer” dog parade, though precinct proprietor Laura Kicey is clearly some-more of a cat person. During a second weekend of July, Kicey will be holding a [ ... ]
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Danny Tyree: Mr. Tyree Doesn’t Go To Washington

June 2017 was ostensible to be a month my 13-year-old son, Gideon, went to Washington, D.C., on a girl tour. For reasons that had zero to do with new gunfire or a stream passenger of a Oval Office (or a fact that “draining a swamp” competence be too powerful a judgment for a kid who still cringes during parental suggestions about “emptying a cat litterbox” or “picking adult that HazMat fit from your bedroom floor”), my mother and we motionless to cancel a skeleton and get a refund. Gideon done a discerning debate of a Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History [ ... ]
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Sue wants to go home with you

Sue is a flattering small Lab brew who loves to go on walks, play in a yard and hang out with we for some swell rubs. Just demeanour during what a good grin she has. Come accommodate Sue this week and see if she would be a ideal further to your family. If we competence be meddlesome in Sue or any of her friends, they can be visited during a Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter Tuesday-Saturday 11a.m. – 4 p.m., with extended hours on Wednesday and Friday until 6 p.m. Or, revisit a Animal Shelter’s website and see all of a [ ... ]
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Ashley Williams | Jun 27, 2017 NBA Awards: Russell Westbrook Named MVP + The Backstage Photos You Didn’t See Earlier this month, a Golden State Warriors were named a 2017 NBA champions, extenuation star-studded actor Kevin Durant…

Huskies are beautiful though they need extra-special care

There are few nicer things than being greeted with howls and vast bushy hugs. Last Saturday, we was invited to have morning tea with a Huskies and their pal, a Doberman, who lives in my street. It was sum pandemonium and we had a blast. Pica, a two-year-old Siberian Husky, was a initial to hail me. She’s allergic to my perfume, so I’d left it off. That incited out to be a good pierce since my companion stood adult on her rear legs, put her paws on my shoulders and gave me a best doggy hug. Then Hugo, a three-year-old Husky, elbowed [ ... ]
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23 June, 2017 Supervisors to spend $1 million on newcomer legal… LOS ANGELES — The county Board of Supervisors voted Jun 20 to minister $1 mil…

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Ashley Williams | Jun 27, 2017 NBA Awards: Russell Westbrook Named MVP + The Backstage Photos You Didn’t See Earlier this month, a Golden State Warriors were named a 2017 NBA champions, extenuation star-studded actor Kevin Durant…

Community substructure gives grants, volunteerism awards

Twenty-five internal organizations are removing appropriation boosts by a Brown County Community Foundation’s 2017 Competitive Grants cycle. A sum of $84,918.35 was awarded to member of those organizations during a BCCF’s annual assembly Jun 15. The income comes from unlimited extend funds, given by internal people to advantage internal people. Recipients were selected by a internal cabinet consisting of Tim Burke, Jenny Johnson, Judy East, Phil McKown, Jim Schultz, Don Stuart, Dawn Snider and Carol Bell. Each applicant submitted a created focus and underwent an talk with a committee. This turn of extend appropriation was usually a tiny partial of a BCCF’s grant-making [ ... ]

Volunteer pilots fly encourage pet from SoCal to Colorado’s Vail Valley

GYPSUM — Sashay has now flown in some-more airplanes than many of a world’s race — two. The 9-year-old womanlike pitbull did it all on Monday, withdrawal Santa Barbara, California, during 5:30 a.m. and alighting during a Eagle County Regional Airport around noon. Denny Benson and Wayne McClellan did a flying. They proffer with an outfit called Pilots n Paws. Benson’s from Steamboat Springs, and McClellan is from a Santa Barbara area. HOW SASHAY SASHAYED HERE Sashay is in Eagle County since … as they say, “It’s not who we know. It’s who knows you.” Sashay spent 410 days in a Santa Barbara County [ ... ]

Kittens Stuffed In Plastic Bag After Ontario Pet Shop Break-In

BARRIE, Ont. — Police contend they’ve recovered a puppy stolen from a executive Ontario pet shop, though are still looking for 4 kittens taken during a same break-in. They contend video notice held a think forcing his approach into a Barrie, Ont., emporium early Sunday morning. [ ... ]
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